The PEOPLE working for you are the most important assets to your company. Employees need security and want good pay, insurance, growth opportunities and a safe working environment. Partnering with StaffScapes will allow you to focus on your business while providing for the needs and wants of your biggest assets-your employees.

Become an Employer of Choice

A key goal for any company is to attract and retain quality employees who will continue to provide service excellence and help you increase revenue. Find out how StaffScapes can make you an Employer of Choice. View our case studies on Effective Business Operations and Successful Start Ups.

Lifecycle of Employment

A partnership with StaffScapes provides you with a team of experts to guide you through the often difficult processes and decisions that surround the “business of employment.” We are invested in our clients’ success and will assist in everything from hiring to retirement View our Workers’ Compensation Control case study.

When you outsource daily Human Resources burdens to StaffScapes you have more time to devote to your business, product development and services which will increase your PROFIT. You got in to business because you are an expert at what you do, not to be an expert at HR, taxes, law, employment relations and all the other areas that HR covers.

Increase Revenue

What would you do with an extra 5 hours each week? StaffScapes will give you the tools you need to increase your revenue by freeing up your non-productive time and help you develop quality, productive employees who will perform better and make you more money.

Reduce Costs & Overhead

As your HR partner and trusted advisor, we help you reduce costs and overhead by assisting with your day-to-day Human Resource responsibilities. In addition, through detailed claim management oversight we will help keep your costs contained.

Are you confident you and your assets are PROTECTED for the business operations and actions that you conduct related to Employment practices? Are you current with local, State and Federal legislative updates that could effect how you pay taxes, offer benefit programs or employ workers?

Employment Best Practices

What are the best practices you should follow when it comes to employment? At StaffScapes, we are here to advise you on the right decisions to make for your business. Read our case studies on Age Discrimination and HR Policies to learn how we can help you with everything from Policies & Procedures to Legislative Updates.

Business Asset Protection

You’ve worked hard and because of that hard work, you have built a successful business. Why take chances and risk loosing the rewards from all of your efforts? Protecting your business is key to sustaining success. Our case studies on Wage & Hour Compliance and Time Savings & Expert Guidance will show you how to Protect Your Business Assets.

Having StaffScapes on board to help clean up our HR practices made for a perfect partnership with us.

Hal H.

Read the Case Study on Daily Operations and Compliance »

I liked the idea of being able to meet the people that would help me take care of my office.

Jeremy G.

Read the Case Study on Human Resources Outsourcing »

You can try and sell me on savings, but that’s something that everyone says they will do.  Show me how you will help me make more money and I’ll listen. That’s exactly what StaffScapes did and is one of the many reasons I’ve done business with them for so many years.  They help me make money!

Frank R.

Read the Case Study on Workers’ Compensation Control »

I’m very pleased with the support and advice provided by StaffScapes.  Because of their excellent reputation, the service they have provided and continue to provide combined with the over 45 years of experience their team offers, I have and will continue to provide referrals.

Bill C.

Read the Case Study on Wage & Hour Compliance »

With StaffScapes, I can focus on building my business and let the HR pros handle everything else!

Josiah G.

Read the Case Study on a Start Up Company »

I think their [StaffScapes] expertise and knowledge is more than worth the minimal expense associated with hiring them as my HR partner.

John G.

Read the Case Study on Age Discrimination »

StaffScapes provided an in-depth review of my practices and identified areas of potential risk.  They streamlined procedures and made it easy for me to trust my HR practices were compliant and correct while I was on the road.

Rick A.

Read the Case Study on Time Savings & Expert Guidance »

StaffScapes gave us a better deal on our rates, which was important, but it was the service that really impressed us.  Jim and his team really did a great job of showing us what they could do.

Lonnie H.

Read the Case Study on General Services »

StaffScapes worked alongside me to ensure compliance.

Rob M.

Read the Case Study on Wage & Hour Compliance »

Celebrating 15 Years of Outstanding HR and Professional Employer Services

Does it seem as though you have two jobs?

Between running your business and keeping up with ever-increasing administrative responsibilities, you may feel that you actually do have two jobs. Now imagine having only one job.

And as business becomes more complex, simply keeping up with payroll, worker’s compensation concerns and the ever-increasing government regulations has become a larger and larger part of owning and/or operating a business.

This “business of employment” threatens to shift valuable time and resources from why you got into business in the first place: make money and be successful. StaffScapes is your Human Resource Solution Center and trusted advisor. We encourage you to explore the information we have on our site and call us at 303-466-7864 to become an employer of choice, make more money & protect your assets.


How to Choose a PEO

Making the right decision in choosing a PEO requires due diligence. Does the PEO offer the type of services you want and need? Does it have the capability to handle fast growth in your workforce? We believe there are several questions you need to ask before making a decision. To help you with your selection process, we have compiled a list of questions you can use to interview your potential trusted advisor. Compare their answers to our answers. We believe in our service, knowledge and track record so strongly that we are confident your final choice will be StaffScapes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What records do I need to keep regarding my employees?

A: It is important that you maintain records for payroll, time sheets, employee files etc. Each of these areas has individual required time frames in which you must retain the documents. These can range from a few years to permanent. Consult your individual State requirements for more information.

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