Employees can be your most important asset as well as one of the most challenging aspects of managing your business. StaffScapes can help you increase the level of engagement and morale of your workforce, turning you into an "Employer of Choice."

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Outsourcing your daily HR burdens to StaffScapes helps you on both sides of the profit equation: you will have more time to focus on growing your revenue and you will enjoy significant cost reductions.

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Falling out of compliance in any number of ways can quickly put you and your business assets at risk. StaffScapes will help ensure that your procedures are in line with legal requirements and we will notify you of any changes that could impact you.

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How to Choose a Peo?

Making the right decision in choosing a PEO requires due diligence. Does the PEO offer the type of services you want and need? Does it have the capability to handle fast growth in your workforce? To help you with your selection process, we have compiled a list of questions you can use to interview your potential trusted advisor. Compare their answers to our answers. We believe in our service, knowledge and track record so strongly that we are confident your final choice will be StaffScapes.

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Frequently Asked?

Q: What is the youngest age for employment?

A: According to Federal Law, no individual under the age of 14 is allowed to perform any work covered by FLSA.. Ages 14-15 may participate in non-hazardous and non-manufacturing job with limitations to the hours worked. Ages 16-17 have no hour restrictions, however, are not allowed to work in industries that are considered hazardous. Ages 18 and above are not subject to restrictions.

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This is Frank

“You can try and sell me on savings, but that’s something that everyone says they will do. Show me how you will help me make more money and I’ll listen. That’s exactly what StaffScapes did and is one of the many reasons I’ve done business with them for so many years. They help me make money!”

- Frank R.

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