How It Works

StaffScapes has been helping small businesses with cost-effective HR administration in Denver and across Colorado for over 20 years. When we join your team, we provide support in four main areas that help you avoid HR problems and become more profitable.


HR Management

We help you establish the best policies, procedures, and training to protect your business from harassment and discrimination claims, preventing costly legal hassles.


Safety and Risk Management

Carefully assessing your areas of risk will help protect your employees, as well as lowering your insurance costs.



We know the market for great plans designed for smaller businesses, allowing you to offer better benefits and leaving the administration difficulties to us.



Save money and time by letting us handle payroll. And you won’t have to change your pay dates to fit our system. We’ll adapt to you.

Why Outsource?

The Top 5 Reasons
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    You’ll stay compliant and hassle-free with expert help

    We monitor the constantly shifting state of regulations and ensure our clients are notified of changes. We also create policies, procedures and training which keep you out of legal trouble by heading off harassment and discrimination claims. In cases where an employee does make an accusation, we’re part of your team and gather the evidence for a successful defense. This alone can make the difference between winning and losing a costly case.

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    You’ll reduce costs with improved risk management

    Best practices in human resource management, compliance and safety not only save you and your employees from difficulties, they reduce costs. For example, a comprehensive safety program will eliminate the costs associated with a preventable worker accident, from treatment to legal fees. You can also save on insurance premiums as these efforts reduce the overall risk to your insurers.

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    You’ll keep your focus on your core competencies

    Whether you’re a house painter, an orthodontist or anything in between, your business depends on specialized expertise to give the customer what they need. Every moment you and your employees spend on HR concerns subtracts from the time you can spend caring for customers and building your business. Instead, leave it to us and focus on what you do best.

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    You’ll hire and retain top talent with better benefits

    Providing quality benefits at a reasonable cost is an obstacle many small businesses face. With Staffscapes on your team, you’ll have choices among the best plans designed for smaller businesses, delivering a significant cost savings to you and your employees. This can make a crucial difference in their well being, the talent you can attract and the turnover rate of current employees.

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    You’ll save labor costs and overhead by leaving administration to us

    You may not personally have HR expertise or the time to devote to it, but you may have a large enough operation to hire staff for that. Does it still make sense to outsource? Absolutely! Aside from their compensation, an in-house staff will require software support, training and other overhead costs which will be more of a burden for you alone than for us. Because HR is all we do, we are able to find efficiencies and reduce costs in ways that aren’t typically available to our clients. We pass those savings on to you.

Interested in seeing where outsourcing can take you? A great way to get started is with our Affinity Program for Metro North Chamber members.

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Affinity Program Details

As a Metro North Chamber member, you qualify for special cost-savings when you partner with Staffscapes.

First, your price is guaranteed for three years. Second, your initial setup fee will be reduced by 50%. You’ll save from the beginning and for years to come.

If you’re building a business in the Denver area, we want to help you do it with less risk and less cost. To get started, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation below, and we’ll get in touch.

About StaffScapes


Headquartered in Westminster, Staffscapes was founded in 1996 by our President Jim Thibodeau. Jim’s 20+ years of business experience armed him with a thorough understanding and appreciation of the challenges and realities of small business ownership.

Staffscapes helps businesses in the Metro North area and throughout Colorado navigate the complex landscape of human resource compliance, policies, and best practices. We customize our approach to each client’s unique needs and work with firms that run the gamut of business types, from family-owned service businesses and manufacturers to disaster recovery firms that send employees all over the country.

One of the reasons we love to work with smaller businesses is that we can bring them the benefits of the sizable HR department that a large corporation would have. Because HR is all we do, we have experts on staff that can address any issue in this field, from streamlining the employee onboarding process to dealing with OSHA noise requirements.

By working with clients as an integral part of their team, Staffscapes helps them reduce legal liability, reduce costs, keep their focus on their core mission, and attract and retain great employees. If you’d like to learn more about the contributions we make in these partnerships, please review some of our case studies or get in touch below for a no-obligation consultation.

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