Running a business is risky enough without having to worry about potentially costly workers’ compensation problems.


Many of our clients came to us initially because they needed to have better control of their workers’ compensation cost. We are often able to obtain workers’ compensation insurance for our clients at a much better rate than they can garner on their own.


Insurance companies can require a substantial down payment before providing workers’ comp. When you work with Staffscapes, we reduce or eliminate the down payment required which will improve your cash flow.


If you are an employer with a high experience modification factor (also known as an E-mod or an X-mod), a PEO may be the right solution for you as your workers’ comp rates will be based on Staffscapes’ E-mod and not your individual company’s rating. However, be aware that if you have an excessive number of accidents, we may provide risk management guidance and make safety improvement recommendations.

As your PEO, StaffScapes will take responsibility for all workers’ compensation claims and audits as well as the issuance of workers’ compensation certificates. We also:

  • Remit any and all compensation premiums.
  • Process all claims and disputes.
  • Eliminate costly prepayments.
  • Assume all workers' compensation liabilities.
  • Represent you at all worker's compensation hearings.
  • Aggressively defend you against unjust claims.

Many of our clients have told us workers’ compensation-related responsibilities are among the biggest headaches we have relieved for them. The time and costs associated with administering a workers’ compensation program can even be a significant obstacle to profitability. It makes sense to hand this responsibility off to a qualified PEO such as Staffscapes because we will give your team a great workers’ compensation solution and give you the peace of mind of knowing it’s being handled in the most efficient way possible.