Outsourcing your daily HR burdens to StaffScapes can benefit you on both sides of the profit equation. You will have more time to focus on growing your business and revenue while enjoying significant cost reductions.

Increase Revenue and Efficiency

Turning over non-revenue-generating activities like Human Resources to a trusted partner allows you to free up time to zero in on direct revenue drivers such as accounts receivables, collections, and sales. Even better, some clients have told us that freedom from HR burdens has given them the opportunity to focus on “big picture” activities like strategic planning, customer service, product development, team building, professional development, and mentoring—priorities that are so critical to long-term success. What would you do with an extra five hours a week?

Reduce Costs & Overhead

StaffScapes not only relieves you of complex HR activities and personnel management uncertainties, but we also reduce your costs and overhead by handling the day-to-day HR responsibilities more efficiently. We can handle HR activities such as:

  1. Hiring and on-boarding new people.
  2. Processing payroll and all the related reports and transactions.
  3. Creating an optimal benefits package for your employees.
  4. Serving as the primary point of contact for employees with questions and concerns regarding their benefits.
  5. Advising on tax and compliance issues, and keeping you up to date on new laws and regulations in these areas.
  6. Managing unemployment and workers’ compensation claims—reducing time and mitigating costs.

Our experts also are available to advise on tax and compliance issues and can keep you up to date on new laws and regulations in these areas.

StaffScapes Profit Optimizing Case Studies

How many outside firms have you called on to work with you in these areas? How much money could you save by working with one qualified and trusted adviser—the StaffScapes team? Below are links to case studies of some of our clients. Review one or both and feel free to call us with any questions you may have regarding these cases or any challenges your business is facing as it relates to HR issues.

Case Study - Start Up Company

Case Study - Daily Operations and Compliance