So, what is a peo company? A PEO is essentially an outsourced human relations (HR) services company that serves as the employer of record for a client. That means that the company’s employees and any or all of the related HR administrative functions and tasks (such as payroll, workers compensation, employee benefits, regulatory reporting, on-boarding, separations and so on) become the concern of the PEO.

PEOs are quickly becoming the most cost-effective human resources option for growing companies because with so many state and federal employee and health insurance regulations, it is increasingly difficult to keep up with all the rules and still run your business. A PEO gives you the flexibility to take care of your employees and all the administrative needs that surround having employees while still focusing on your core competencies of your business.


With an HR solutions PEO, the client is relieved of the complex, time-consuming functions of HR which allows the management team to focus on other aspects of the business such as production, marketing and sales. Many PEOs, including StaffScapes, also offer consultation services to their clients on any and all matters related to HR and employee-employer relations. This option allows a business to retain expert counsel on important HR issues, without having to employ a full time staff member responsible for these issues.

As you review the information on this website, think about what a relief it would be to turn over so many of these HR responsibilities and requirements to a Denver PEO company like StaffScapes, whose employees are experts in this field and have been doing it for years because they enjoy it and do it well. So the question isn't so much "what is a peo comapny?" but more "why haven't I called a PEO yet?"


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